steel woman felt nothing

always thinking the power belonged to others

and the pain was hers alone.

no one can hurt this much for long

she decided, without becoming steel.

but the steel owned her.

only gradually she realized that steel

is something she wore,

not part of her at all, and

a fickle bit of armor at that,

since it sometimes let the hurt in

at the most inopportune moments,

when she did not wish to feel.

so she began to let it go

ever so slowly,

but with much determination.

she learned to fashion the steel into something

that would serve her,

that would take her to new places–

places of power and dreams.

she wrapped herself around that raw power

owning it now, the steel and the road,

her slightest touch guiding

rolling thunder through the fogged blackness

joy splashing up from the pavement

and tears pouring down from the heavens

her heart open to the anointing,

she rode that steel like lightening.

– Able Boodha

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