About Boodha.Me

Feminist. Poet. Humanitarian. Veteran.

Blogging about trauma, healing, and authentic living as a growing, thriving human being. I welcome all reasonable and respectful questions and dialogue (comments) in the comments section. TRIGGER WARNING:  No details are given, but rape and abuse may be talked about from time to time.

I screen and approve all comments before they post in order to prevent spam from appearing. So if you wish to speak with me privately or to have a lengthy conversation on a topic, please feel free to leave your email address in your comment and I will contact you via email. NOTE: Spam email addresses &/or messages are sent directly to the Spam Box and I never see them.

Please share your experiences with me also. Especially what you’ve learned and what works for you. Lay a little Boodha on me. I can always use more of that!


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